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who's right?
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who's right?

this is a thread between a friend and i on facebook:

HER: 'I was thinking God is like Santa Claus to adults and we're all at various stages of realizing God [is] us.'

ME: ‎'...or of realizing God shouldn't be:'

HER: 'As cells in the enormous body that is this universe, we each get one vote what vision of God we like, and all of creation rushes to support our viewpoint.'

ME: 'while it's true that we and the universe are made and animated by the same God-stuff, i don't believe it so easily yields to our personal inclinations -- i’m not really sold on the secret. yes, to try to understand it in such a way can be useful in living (and in dying too). but who can really say what role we play in its movement? i often think about what sort of ‘cells’ we have collectively become – even in our good nature we are parasitic and poisonous -- and i wonder the sort we could have been.'

that's the farthest it's gotten so far -- i've not yet heard back from her.

but what do you think?

Oct 15, 2010, 19:58


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