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stereolab are a band i wanna get back into
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78 sluss
78 sluss
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stereolab are a band i wanna get back into

i'm typing but no one can listen to me and i dont know what i;'m on about. but stereolab are a great band. a bit taboo for some. that i never did get. but f*ck them. mars audiac quintet their best album. tho wheather the prophecies will come true. i'll probably become a hobo before then. with a wrecked soul. my oppinion on bush in 2000 and early. i didn't have a clue. i think i'm a redneck, but i'm NOT. i'm still NEO-liberal. but both those views hurt some people. best not the care about politics, so as not to swallow the poison. but that was something i always knew. the end doesn't have to come in the sun. hell i want more france. my biggest problem is that i act far too normal for one so obscure. f*ck the government!

Oct 16, 2010, 22:00


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