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Laetitia sadier: Nothing belongs to me
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Re: Laetitia sadier: Nothing belongs to me

GaryB2 wrote:
It never fails to amaze me just how anti-download Laetitia is. She hates it, thinks it's stealing. Which it is, really, it's got to be said.

Great interview. She's my type of gal....smokes like a chimney and swears like fuck. She's French too grrrrrr :)

It is absolutely NOT stealing. To steal is to take the property of another without right or permission. Downloading makes COPIES. If you were to take a picture of something, or use another's plans that they used in building a house to make a house of your own, that wouldn't be considered stealing either, would it?

However, it may cause some to not go out and buy something, that's true and it is a shame. But it's surely not stealing. Reports actually show that sales have gone UP as a result of downloading. When I find stuff I like via downloading, I go out and buy it because I appreciate the packaging and better quality. Downloads are almost never cd or record quality unless they're FLAC or WAV (pretty rare).

Oct 27, 2010, 22:52


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