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Laetitia sadier: Nothing belongs to me
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Re: Laetitia sadier: Nothing belongs to me

Labhead wrote:
Well, then I guess it must be considered stealing to use a VCR or TIVO to make a copy of a TV show, huh? I mean, why would you buy a DVD set of a TV show if you could just steal from the airwaves? < /sarcasm>

I'm not trying to be mean, I'm just being honest that I really don't see it as stealing, but it is kinda unethical if you don't buy what you love because of it.

Maybe I'm wrong about the whole thing, but by property I meant physical property.

It's not really the same. TV shows are put out free of charge, for our consumption. The 'intellectual property' owners of the music we steal in no way want us to get it for free.

By downloading music FOC we are denying the owners of the music the right to derive an income. You could say 'third-party theft' but it's theft nonetheless.

Oct 28, 2010, 15:23


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