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Laetitia sadier: Nothing belongs to me
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Mu Mu
Mu Mu
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Re: Laetitia sadier: Nothing belongs to me

Labhead wrote:
How about if you record off the radio? Is that stealing?
Why buy a record if you can tape it and have it that way, right?

Am I alone on this one? Doesn't anyone agree with me?

Well I'm not sure what your opinion is, but this whole issue has been beaten to death already.

Personally, I do the illegal download thing. I just started again last night after a multi year hiatus from it, but I'm not going to argue that it shouldn't be done at all.

My defense (not one that would hold up in court mind you) is that I still purchase physical copies of the best stuff. I buy cd's a lot. I buy maybe 2-3 per week. So I am helping the artists in my own way, I do pay for music quite often. But, yes, I download as well.

Oct 28, 2010, 16:36


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