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Laetitia sadier: Nothing belongs to me
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Re: Laetitia sadier: Nothing belongs to me

Labhead wrote:
jauntymonty wrote:
Yeah, I like when French girls talk dirty.

Stealing? Not if you pay for it. Maybe I missed the point.

Absolutely, I still buy CDs for listening in my car for the better sound quality. The sound quality is a real big deal for me and the radio frequency plug in thingie just doesn't get it! FLAC or WAV, that is interesting. Google time.

.FLAC files may annoy you if you're not familiar with it, but believe me it's awesome. Same cd-quality, half the size, and you can tag the files just like MP3s, which you can't do with a .WAV file.

To play them, WinAmp supports FLAC out of the box, but I recommend checking out "Foobar2000". Not only does it play flac files (and everything else), but you can right-click a file (or many files) from your playlist and Convert to WAV or MP3 if you want to burn a cd or whatever.

I've archived all of my cds in FLAC format for archiving, so I'll still have a copy when my cds are scratched, stolen, or warped.

Thanks man, I'll check that out. Currently, I save my cds on Mindows Media Player. I can then copy/convert the wmp files onto my i-tunes/i-pod playlist. It is a good method. So, you are saying that I can convert my wmp files to .FLAC for better sound quality.

Oct 28, 2010, 17:19


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