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Laetitia sadier: Nothing belongs to me
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Re: Laetitia sadier: Nothing belongs to me

flatironsteak wrote:
vivakomeda wrote:
Yes you do! I don't know how I feel about that, but I've certainly noticed that when 'cyberpainter' appears under my screenname I'm usually in for it. Fair enough - you certainly know and enjoy the band.

So yes, I appear to be in the minority here. It saddens me that she is so quick to speak negatively of a band that, on balance, is one she should (and probably, deep down, is) proud to be a part of.

More than that, the way she speaks is puzzling. Bellyaching about things like the X factor should be beneath her. She has a way of implying (or in this case saying!) that the world is full of faceless, ignorant drones, and if only they were as enlightened as she is they'd all be better for it. This *always* comes through in her interviews.

Gane, on the other hand, always struck me as a guy who really had a single mind for music but could discuss it without pretense.

I am with you viva. She is almost completely negative about Stereolab, and a lot of other things, and sounds rather cynical( I am partially agreeing with) and self-superior.
When she said she wouldn't pick a guy from Tortoise to form a band she basically implies that her partners in Monade weren't good enough to play with from the start.

But I do agree with her on the issue about ' anyone can call themselves artists nowadays ' It is a weird phenomenon happening in all sort of art forms. It blurs and redefine the standards art, as well as the value of its existence.

Lets be fair, I think Stereolab would not have been what I love so much without Laetitia's lyric, but it wouldn't have been the same either without Tim's song writing or even Andy's beat and Mary's singing. That also make me think, if it wasn't Stereolab, Laetitia would not be what she is now, if that makes sense.

And for the part when she said she loves Not Music, I assume that is part of the promotional strategy. I don't believe she would talk trash about NM at this stage since it is going to be released very soon.

I love Laetitia as a singer-song writer but to be really honest, her recent output isn't capturing my attention as much any of the stereolab products, as well as any stuff that she has done under Monade.

You're making some broad stroke interpretations when others might see more shades of grey. This happens often in communication, especially between men and women, or on the internet, etc. But can happen anytime.

Her point about not playing with Tortoise was that she herself was learning to play guitar and writing music, and wanted people who were learning as well that would grow with her.

She may like Not Music more because I think from other interviews I have gleaned that she had more of a hand in picking out the songs, or how they sound. Sure it might be marketing, but it's pretty cynical to think she wouldn't like it.

I don't think she was speaking negatively about the band. She didn't like the way things went live. They stopped the tour before the end, something was definitely wrong going on there.

She talks positively about Stereolab the music. For instance she says it has richness and resonance to her. That Tim is a great songwriter, but that she got frustrated that she wasn't building her own confidence in her songwriting ability. Totally understandable and not dissing the band. She doesn't want her solo music to sound like Stereolab. How is that bad?

She was unhappy with the way the sound was at the end while they were touring and that it was too loud. And she admits that egos and tensions were bad. She left the door open to the future if they tried something different. Obviously that doesn't sound good. But it did leave a crack.

Oct 28, 2010, 18:24


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