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Great Indie-rock albums of the 90s, you might not know
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Re: Great Indie-rock albums of the 90s, you might not know

It is hard to say in some ways:

a) there are the records that I think are well known that may be nonexistent to some out there. No attack on corporalclegg but I think of Sebadoh as well known where others may not have heard of them.

b) stuff that still holds up verses great examples of nineties music. For example, I played some Faith no more to some younger people who liked stuff which I reckon was 90% influenced by it but they just shrugged. On the other hand, I think stereolab still holds strong today and if they released Dots and Loops tomorrow people would like it.

c) what is "indie rock"? Is it sebadoh but not dinosaur jr? Is it Janes addiction but not soundgarden? I guess I will just say music that I like that doesn't get much of a mention these days:

Bongwater - Too much sleep (for psychadelic, eclectic tunes)
Cows - Sexy Pee Story (grunge rock with a twist)
John Frusciante - Niandra LaDes and Usually Just A T.shirt (an acquired taste)
Mercury Rev - Boces and Yerself is Steam (infinitely better than the stuff that made them popular)
Swervedriver - Raise (perhaps the best of the shoegazer, swirling guitars, wall of noise rock records)
nomeansno - The worldhood of the world as such (Devo with more oomph and nineties sensibilities)
Divine Comedy - Promenade (witty)
Luna - Pup Tent (truly beautiful)
Dismemberment Plan - Emergency and I (beautiful)
Polvo - Exploded Drawing (jagged, clever and probably closest to the indie rock category)

I could go on all day....

Nov 09, 2010, 00:59


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