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Great Mustaches Of Rock History
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Re: Great Mustaches Of Art History

waxenpith wrote:
My grand dad is Scottish, (kilt and all). My bf is canadian from full scott heritage. So i understand it to hear it. I just canna read it. I do a pretty good scottish accent when i want to. My town is pretty scottish. i live near a part called "the scotch block" which is hardcore scottish. But i think canada in general is very akin to its british and scottish heritage.

In Scotland we are told by our media, from time to time, of Canada's pride in its Scottish heritage (they prefer not to mention the English/British/French connection!!). Having never travelled much in my life I can't really confirm this, but I get the impression that Canada and NZ are the 2 countries in the 'Commonwealth' that have the strongest/proudest Scottish heritage.

I know a bunch of people from Dundee that are emigrating to Canada next year - to Calgary! Like moths to a light they are drawn to the mountains, bears, moose and, er, oil sands. Not necessarily in that order like!

This probably says more about Scotland than it does Canada, but after visiting Calgary they couldn't believe how CLEAN it was :)

Nov 23, 2008, 00:23


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