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All killer, no filler
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All killer, no filler

Okay, I have given Not Music a go and it is not good (sorry, meanchico). It is not bad either. It is just not that refreshing and original. Anyway, I know people like it and the purpose of this thread is not just to bag it.

Now I know this has all been said before but just to give some background. I - along with other members of this forum - have said that Stereolab have not done anything that great since Mary's death nearly 8 years ago. I say that Sound Dust was the last great record (and it is great) and the end of a run of at least 5 brilliant albums. Now the failure of Stereolab to produce anything that I think is brilliant may be because:

· Mary died leaving a void
· I had just had enough of Stereolab by that stage
· they have run out of ideas
· the loss of so many instruments over the years has limited their sound
· I haven’t given them a real go

Now it is the last point that leads me to post this post. Perhaps I just need to be led to the gold. Maybe I get put off by all the songs going “jank, jank, jank, jank, jank, jank, jank” when after the seemingly endless “jank, jank, jank, jank, jank, jank, jank” there is something subtle like “nought more terrific than man” just waiting to be found.

So here is the challenge, if you choose to accept it. Produce a “best of” for the period after Mary. Now, my guidelines would be:

· No tracks that were made prior to her death but just weren’t released (no Oscillons).
· No remixes where external input is a key factor (e.g. Atlas Sound). We want Stereolab.
· Try to find unique or original songs that would justify them continuing as a band (Is the end of Aelita one of their other songs?). Workmanlike efforts are not enough to justify their continuation in my books.
· I recommend about 10 tracks. Try to be succinct. Remember, it should be all killer, no filler just like Dots and Loops.
· You can include long tracks; it is not just about singles. Still, keep it about an hour if you can
· Try to list the song title and album (code will do e.g. CC if the album is well known). I plan to put together playlists on Winamp and listen.

Now I really am approaching this with an open mind. I am here at the forum because I love Stereolab but I just want to be won over with their later efforts. So see what you can do. Produce an album worth of gold.

If you want a gimme, Le Demeure is a good song so that means you only have to come up with nine more. And don’t bother with Neon Beanbag or Silver Sands and its “jank, jank, jank, jank, jank, jank, jank”

Nov 10, 2010, 08:00


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