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All killer, no filler
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Cyberpainter: I don't see the point for others to try to convince you that they have produced some good songs/albums after Mary's death.

Me already : So here is the challenge, if you choose to accept it.

Cyberpainter: You should just decide for yourself and like what you like. A mix should have the songs that you personally like. It seems like a somewhat pointless exercise.

Me already: Perhaps I just need to be led to the gold. Maybe I get put off by all the songs ... there is something subtle like “nought more terrific than man” just waiting to be found.

Me now to clarify: Have you ever made a mix for somebody else? Why? Was it to switch them on to some good tunes? Was it pointless?

Cyberpainter: So good luck buzz killer.

Me already: Anyway, I know people like it and the purpose of this thread is not just to bag it...Now I really am approaching this with an open mind. I am here at the forum because I love Stereolab

Cyberpainter: Personally, I love Margerine Eclipse, I think it's got a lot of depth and complexity. FFS was happy music to me, and especially enjoying seeing them play it live. Not Music has some good songs. I also think the Copacabana soundtrack sounds like it will be interesting, and like Laetitia's solo efforts too.

Me already: Produce a “best of” for the period after Mary.

Nov 10, 2010, 11:26


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