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All killer, no filler
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Re: All killer, no filler

flatironsteak wrote:
Silver sands and Neon Beanbag are good. I can't compare them to the great songs from their past but they are decent. I do not have a problem with the 'jank jank' sound, knowing that CC and NE were all recorded around the same period. The Mary's void is very obvious and it is a huge reason why they haven't sounded as good as they used to.

You can say that I started expecting less from them after FFS (I love Kyberneticka Babicka though), but some of the songs on CC and NE fit my mood some time. I like the uplifting quality and straight-forwardness of it. They might be less subtle but they are also quite different.

I absolutely agree with you on SD being the last great album they made. But honestly, even in the lowest( in my opinion, FFS), the songs are still rather unique in their own ways and I can still get into some of them.

It could be my habit of listening to Stereolab that affects the way I look at their newer works. I usually mix them all up without worrying what album they are in, their post-Mary stuff make very nice addictions to the rest of their music.

But yea the last part of Aelita does sound like part of the Refraction in the Plasctic Pulse.

Intersting post.

Do you mean NE or ME or NM?

And thanks for the last point. Do you think it was deliberate?

Nov 10, 2010, 20:17


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