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FAQ 2: please read the original post

My Return: They evolved before, continuously. So just say they went beyond your limits or what you're comfortable with. That's believable.

Me already:I had just had enough of Stereolab by that stage

My return: Some of us like the 8years since, maybe for a few even more.

Me already: Anyway, I know people like it and the purpose of this thread is not just to bag it.

My return:To stay around and dream it didn't exist..ha Too laughable. :P

me already: · I haven’t given them a real go

Now it is the last point that leads me to post this post. Perhaps I just need to be led to the gold. Maybe I get put off ... there is something subtle like “nought more terrific than man” just waiting to be found.

Now I really am approaching this with an open mind. I am here at the forum because I love Stereolab but I just want to be won over with their later efforts.

Me now:
Please stop complaining.

For those cranky and precious Heathers who struggle with extended preambles, just imagine I asked you to name your top ten Stereolab songs since the end of 2002 for no reason other than to hear your selection. Give it a go, if you like.

Nov 11, 2010, 01:24


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