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Re: FAQ 3: please read the original post

Calapia: Hey - if you answered everything in your first post, why bother listening to anyone? If you came to have a discussion, discuss,

(Please note the following as evidence of discussion. Note how the points made are new, lack allegations of narrowmindedness [at least meanchico asked] and keep the discussion moving forwards)

meanchico: Margerine Eclipse and Instant O were excluded since these were mostly composed prior to Mary's unfortunate death.

me: I did not know that Mary worked on those records (instant o and margerine). Does she perform on them?

meanchico: but shit, Hito. I can't really tell if you're trolling for personal amusement or genuinely interested in discussing music

me: Thanks for doing a list meanchico. I will give it a go.

Eddie Chargeman: what I will say is that I did enjoy 4 songs on ME and all songs on Instant IZIU

me: I just listened to Instant O again. It is actually quite good in parts. Cheers

Calapia: If you came to be condescending and pedantic, keep on going.

Me already: Please stop complaining.

calapia: If you just wanted a list of top 10 post Sound Dust songs, just ask for it directly.

me already: For those cranky and precious Heathers who struggle with extended preambles, just imagine (not the sarcasm - ed.)

Nov 11, 2010, 05:56


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