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All killer, no filler
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Re: All killer, no filler

jauntymonty wrote:
jorbel wrote:
jauntymonty wrote:
I think these are some stand-outs of the post-Mary era:

Instant O in the Universe--JM&the Bubbles of Silence
Margerine Eclipse--Bop Scotch, La Demeure, Dear Marge
Fab4Suture--Excursions into 'oh,a-oh', Eye of the Volcano
CC--Pop Molecule, Cellulose Sunshine

Since my introduction to Stereolab in 2008 and during my evolution of listening to the groop it has always been difficult to pick favorites as I like most every song. After extensive exposure to all of their albums now and after some brief reflective periods while not listening to Stereolab, I now find that I tend to gravitate to the ETK through S-D era, OOTAS and the ABC radio sessions. It is rare that I listen to anything else released after S-D.
Regarding Mary, as with any team whether it be in sports or music or at the workplace, the whole reflects the combined input of all team members. We are not certain exactly what that input was, but I do not believe that Tim & Laetitia called all the shots and the other team members just stood and performed their assigned tasks.
What I see missing in the post-Mary era is a certain soulfulness , that is, that misty quality where you feel like you are on a mind journey while listening to the music. Dots and Loops and Sound-Dust really has this quality and I love it so much. Stereolab music since then is like Tim mechanically and creatively putting together pieces of music, but without the soulfulness, but.. good for dancing!

Just wanted to say I love the way you see it. I don't agree since I always perceive an interplay of soulfulness and soulflessness in the groops' music, but I love it anyway. It all sounds very much like architecture to me.

Actually I agree with that. My comments here are somewhat condensed due to time restraints.
Architecture, the bass and percussion provide a deep solid foundation. The repetitive strokes being the structural colonnade denoting a long sequence of columnnotes joined by their entablature. The melody of the musical instruments, each one a brightly colored energy filled conduit meandering high and low through the structure. The resulting wall of sound forms a fašade of multicolored crystal glazing, not clear, (reference to Laetitia lyrics) but translucent providing just glimpse of the real meaning. You forgot your boots, so, I will stop here.

Wow, this is pure genious! :)

Although I sense this wall of sound as a wall really, opaque, that is. Made of concrete and void, like a bridge were a train passes.

Nov 12, 2010, 18:57


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