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velvetwater wrote:
I know what you are feeling hito!
I have been there before.
Talking (in this case writing) is quite easy, but truly communicating (or being understood if you prefer) is not!

Cyber, bless her good intentions, has a tendency to be a bit of a paladin/champion when somebody else criticizes our beloved Groop.
She raises even valid points (I particularly agree with the appreciation of MARGERINE ECLIPSE), but they are irrelevantly defensive or directly misunderstands what hito asked.

Ah, many of us know how the Heathers can be. Thanks for being a cool, calm and considered poster.
I am sure cyberpainter appreciates margerine eclipse. I don't disagree with anyone's take on the music. How can I say to anyone "You don't like lemonade" or "you do like rye bread"? Everyone has the right to express a preference. I think the problem was people thinking that I started this thread just to shit on their picnic. Whilst this may be some net nerd's idea of fun, I have better things to do, as my posts here in this thread have demonstrated.
I don't know whether some people don't understand or are simply disingenuous creators of straw men. I think I have said "stop complaining" enough now not to bother responding. There are enough good posts here to make the mudslingers redundant.

Nov 13, 2010, 11:40


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