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All killer, no filler
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Re: All killer, no filler

Stereo Mouse wrote:
Let's see:

1. Rose My Rocket Brain (2004 tour single) - a great epic track with return to rock and guitar styles characteristic of their earlier work, considering the mellowness of their previous albums. But of course, whether you think this song is really epic and grand or just "eh" depends on your opinion of the more guitar-based end of Stereolab's music. I say, rock on, Tim!

2. Sudden Stars (I0itU/ME) - Stereolab goes on even without Mary and does it so beautifully! It's a nice blend of early and mid-period Lab styles and again, a little bit more guitar in the mix, esp. the delicious kraut-interlude in the middle. I was psyched when I first heard this song and still one of their best songs, not just post-Mary.

3. Jaunty Monty and the Bubbles (I0itU) - It's another great example how a band struck by tragedy rebounds! After recording a rather morose and downbeat "Sound Dust" album, they immediately return with more uptempo groovy material despite losing a key member and a dear friend. Great groove in there.

4. Kyberneticka Babycka (Fab Four Suture) - I think I can sort of see why some people think post-Mary Lab is underwhelming: the music they'd since been recording has not been quite as experimental as previous works had been. It's more pop really. This two-part composition from otherwise mediocre FFS semi-compilation is an exception: Brian Wilson goes Koyaanisqatsi? ;)

5. Whisper Pitch (FFS) - one of their finest slow songs, it's got a genuinely touching sad melody to it and Laetitia never fails to come up with her trademark warm humanistic compassion.

6. Pop Molecule (CC) - Stereolab delivers an uncharacteristically fuzzy psych-instrumental, obviously influenced by Pierre Henry's legendary "Psyche Rock", but not a rip-off nor anything. I wish there was more material like this, cause I really dig this entire psych angle. Obviously I'm quite a hippie.

7. Vortical Phonotheque (CC) - you should like it, it's very Sound Dust-esque. Also reminding me of Beatles a tad.

8. The Nth Degree (CC bonus track) - One of the Groop's finest disco-groove based tracks. Great vibraphone and do I detect a quote from "Fluorescences" here and there? ;)

9. "So Is Cardboard Clouds" (Not Music) - This is quite a complex piece actually, especially in terms of instrumentation, love the hypnotic piano and the floating organ especially. And the ending is quite epic in the "Kyberneticka Babycka" way!

10. "Delugeoisie" (NM, please forgive me the possibly incorrect spelling) - You should pay attention to the structure of this piece, which is like a miniature version of "Gus the Mynah Bird": a short Reich-esque intro first, followed by mysterious waltz song, ending with underwater ambiance in the instrumentation and overall sound.

So there you go! Whether you like any of my suggested pieces, but at least as you can see, I put a lot of effort into the list. :)

You certainly put a big effort in here to sell your selections. I am giving it a go now. I have to download rose my rocket brain. I think I like the second Kyberneticka Babycka better. I agree about Vortical Phonotheque being Beatlesque more than Sound Dust.
You know the thing that doesn't always get a mention about Sound Dust is the horns. The horns are awesome on Sound dust. Are there any great horn tracks post SD?
Thanks for giving the info about Mary and Margerine Eclipse too. I reckon I can really detect her possible inclusion in parts.
I will reply when I have pounded my ears with your choices a bit more.

Nov 13, 2010, 11:56


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