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Harold Bissonette
Harold Bissonette
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hito wrote:

Ah, many of us know how the Heathers can be. Thanks for being a cool, calm and considered poster.
I am sure cyberpainter appreciates margerine eclipse. I don't disagree with anyone's take on the music. How can I say to anyone "You don't like lemonade" or "you do like rye bread"? Everyone has the right to express a preference. I think the problem was people thinking that I started this thread just to shit on their picnic. Whilst this may be some net nerd's idea of fun, I have better things to do, as my posts here in this thread have demonstrated.
I don't know whether some people don't understand or are simply disingenuous creators of straw men. I think I have said "stop complaining" enough now not to bother responding. There are enough good posts here to make the mudslingers redundant.

Supercilious [ˌsuːpəˈsɪlɪəs]
Disdainful; having or showing arrogant superiority to and disdain of those one views as unworthy, coolly and patronizingly haughty.

[Latin superciliōsus, from supercilium, eyebrow, pride : super-, super- + cilium, lower eyelid.]

Nov 13, 2010, 13:28


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