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Joao Donato "A Bad Donato" - Dots and Loops of 1971?
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Re: Joao Donato

Stereo Mouse wrote:
I've been listening to this Joao Donato album from 1971 and is this where Stereolab copped most of its sound replete with Brazilian beats, cheesy combo organ (often with a wah pedal) and dominant brass arrangements for their late 90s work? I could swear the odd-time groove of "Cadà Jodel (The Beautiful One)" was lifted for "Parsec" and it's likely that it's confirmed in one of these Stereolab Origins YouTubes. Anyone else familiar with this record?

Here's a sample:

not familiar with it, but would very much like to be. sounds hot.

not sure there's any one particular lp that inspired dots & loops - the main chord sequence from miss modular, for example, is basically amore come dolore by ennio morricone and brakhage is move on up by curtis mayfield.

sonically, there's stuff from all over the shop. i remember tim gane saying that they'd been listening to squarepusher and brazillian funk and you can definitely hear a lot of that in there, but maybe he was citing them to quell the old "krautrock rhythms" standby that journalists continue to use when taking about the 'lab (despite it being largely irrelevant for much of the last decade).

the more library and soundtrack records i buy, the more i think i hear their influence on stereolab. not sure if they actually were inspired by them though. i'm rambling now. i'll shut up.

Nov 17, 2010, 23:13


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