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Joao Donato "A Bad Donato" - Dots and Loops of 1971?
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Re: Joao Donato

velvetwater wrote:

Here's a list of titles that are an absolute must for whoever wants to explore Brazilian music with a particular eye to more "modern-progressive" (and I don't mean the genre) records rather than the older equally essential bossanova classics.
In no particular order:

EDU LOBO - EDU LOBO known as MISSA BREVE(1972) simply a masterpiece!
- CANTIGA DE LONGE (1970) more "classic" but equally good

MARCOS VALLE - PREVISAO DO TEMPO (1973) a masterpiece of sophistication and production
- VENTO DE SUL (1972) this is one of the greatest "hidden" gems ever!
- GARRA (1971) brazilian pop perfection

JORGE BEN - A TABUA DE ESMERALDA (1974) maybe his best one so start with this
- FORCA BRUTA (1970)
- NEGRO E LINDO (1971)

GAL COSTA - GAL (1969) not to be confused with the gorgeous GAL COSTA (1969): this is one of the most psychedelic albums ever made!

CAETANO VELOSO - CAETANO VELOSO (1971) introspective beauty during the exile in London
- TRANSA (1972) possibly Caetano's masterpiece
- ARACA AZUL (1972) his most experimental LP, be careful with this but it is worth it!

VARIOUS - TROPICALIA (1968) a record made together by the main Tropicalia artists

JOYCE - NELSON ANGELO E JOYCE (1972) this one is truly magical!

TOM ZE - ESTUDANDO O SAMBA (1975) you won't hear another record that sounds like this

GILBERTO GIL - GILBERTO GIL (1969) one of the peaks of Tropicalia
- GILBERTO GIL (1971) folk/blues during the exile in London
- EXPRESSO 2222 (1972) his last fully great record
- GIL & JORGE - OGUM XANGO (1976) incredible acoustic tour the force with J.Ben: just 2 guitars and 2 vocals

MILTON NASCIMENTO - MILAGRE DOS PEIXES (1973) simply incredible! indescribable mostly instrumental beauty
- MILTON (1970)

LO BORGES - LO BORGES (1972) the mythical Adidas shoes LP cover: a fantastic companion to the CLUBE DA ESQUINA LP (one of the best records ever that is!)

SOM IMAGINARIO - MATANCA DO PORCO (1972) great orchestral prog: mostly instrumental

WALTER FRANCO - REVOLVER (1975) weird stuff

OS MUTANTES - get a compilation (EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE is a good one) and dig deeper if you like them

NARA LEAO - almost everything she recorded up to 1971 is truly beautiful and worth having

As there is so much stuff to investigate, I thought I made a list rather than embed Youtube videos. You can look them up yourselves anyway.
And there is more (what about the more American and jazzy Sergio Mendes and Flora Purim, for example?) , but I think these 2 lists will keep you busy for a couple of years! Enjoy.

Great, thanks for these recommendations!
Plenty to track down for me fact I'm aquiring some Edu Lobo as I type :D

Nov 19, 2010, 23:57


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