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Joao Donato "A Bad Donato" - Dots and Loops of 1971?
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Re: Joao Donato

velvetwater wrote:

Here's a list of titles that are an absolute must for whoever wants to explore Brazilian music with a particular eye to more "modern-progressive" (and I don't mean the genre) records rather than the older equally essential bossanova classics.
In no particular order:

EDU LOBO - EDU LOBO known as MISSA BREVE(1972) simply a masterpiece!
- CANTIGA DE LONGE (1970) more "classic" but equally good

MARCOS VALLE - PREVISAO DO TEMPO (1973) a masterpiece of sophistication and production
- VENTO DE SUL (1972) this is one of the greatest "hidden" gems ever!
- GARRA (1971) brazilian pop perfection

I've been looking for CD versions of Missa Breve and Previsao Do Tempo. Both are among my favorite albums ever. But I don't have a big collection of Brazilian music.

At one time when I thought I loved Edu Lobo I downloaded tons of his albums but decided it was just from a certain era, late 60's early 70's that I liked. I love his voice, but much of it gets too cheesy for me.

Nov 20, 2010, 21:03


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