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Joao Donato "A Bad Donato" - Dots and Loops of 1971?
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Re: Joao Donato

Hobobachang wrote:
Thanks, Velvetwater :)

The way you have described these Joyce albums is exactly how they sound. PASSARINHO URBANO's production is very individual, with the crossfading, stereo panning and filter sweeps....I love it! And the strong "ethnic" feeling percussion when it appears is sublime (this is one of the things I enjoy most about Clara Nunes as well), if anything I feel many of the tracks end way too quickly. Brilliant stuff!

I was playing PASSARINHO URBANO whilst driving a few weeks ago, and commented on the stereo panning to my passenger. They suggested that this could be intended to create the impression of the carnival atmosphere, as in the sound of the music drifting by as floats go past....this had never occured to me before, but actually makes perfect sense :)

Jun 04, 2011, 11:25


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