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Seen Broadcast live?
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el wanko
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Re: Seen Broadcast live?

mikka000 wrote:
are you talking about the show at the hi-fi in brisbane or melbourne? i saw the brisbane show and wasn't impressed. but i'm not really a witch cults fan.

*nods head*

The whole thing with the focus group doesn't really do a fat lot for me at all. Don't get me wrong that live show was cool, but I think I've seen them 7 times or something and the best one was in Bristol when there were 6 of them (maybe more, they were all sitting down) and they had a big thick droney sound with really sparce b & w visuals.

Other than that, seeing them off my face on mdma on the noise made by people tour was amazing, I remember rushing my tits off for the whole thing!

Dec 13, 2010, 18:33


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