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Seen Broadcast live?
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Re: Seen Broadcast live?

vivakomeda wrote:
I was at the gig as well.

The show had its moments - that new song (lyrics "..a door behind a door, a dream within a dream") was especially terrific - but otherwise it left me rather disappointed.

For those not familiar, they are now a twosome and play a show in three parts in front of projected images. The first part is a noisy, abstract vocal looping piece; the second a selection of pop songs; the third a bit of soundtrack work with the projections as more of a centerpiece. Julian House is the guy behind the projections.

My opinion probably boiled down to this: I don't care for House in the least. His art is a dull mess and the music where he's received collaborator credit is likewise messy and overly abstract.

At the show, those video projections were an endless collage of spirals, scratched up film of trees and flowers... after awhile I started wondering what exactly he was trying to accomplish.

The reason this is so disappointing is because I think Trish Keenan, with maybe one exception, is the most compelling female single I've ever heard. I saw them a couple times when they were a proper band, and going back to the old bootlegs from that era reveal a band on the edge of greatness.

In thinking this, I'm conscious that it's not really my place to tell Broadcast what they should be. There is a certain respect to be given to an artist who shuns commercial, "normal" work. But primarily their stuff lately is just - I hate to say it - dull, and the feeling I had coming out of the show is that many felt the same way.

I saw them a while ago with light designs. It's actually appealing. But it was either fusia or bluegreen, with black and white (Haha) shapes.

Dec 14, 2010, 02:10


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