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Seen Broadcast live?
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Re: Seen Broadcast live?

hito wrote:
Hi all,

Just wondering if you have seen Broadcast live and whether it is a worthwhile experience. I suppose recent attendance would be more relevant as they have changed over the years.

The reason I ask is I wonder whether they make a great show or whether they are more of a record reproduction type of band. When I look back in history I think of Jon Spencer, They Might Be Giants, Tenniscoats and Stereolab as bands who put on good shows that aren't just the records. Then I think of The Books, Luna and a few others who kind of just play the record and you don't know whether you gained much by seeing it live. This can be the case when the band has all their music on computer so the song has to stop when the file does

I know they do video displays but do they have a live band? Do they engage with the crowd?
Do you wish they provided a beanbag for you to sit back and chill but instead had to stand with a crowd of sweating guys who were all 7 feet tall?
Is it worth seeing them?

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Jul 21, 2016, 05:59


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