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Re: wikileaks.

MY RETURN wrote:
It was shameless and wreckless. Just a week or 2 ago, the founder of Wikipedia said he questioned their practices. Now..What was the point, what possible good could have come from this? Nothing.

Are you talking about wikipedia or wikileaks?

As to your final point and mitchervan's question, this really comes down to what I have talked about quite a bit.

If you believe that you have a right to information then wikileaks is the greatest thing to come up in years. There is almost nothing that should be kept secret from people. I have a right to know what is being done in my name.

War secrets, spying and the like only help create barriers and fuel hostility. They create an us and them mentality in every country and divide humans from one another. This mentality is what limits human beings from reaching their potential.

The potential unrest worldwide that may arise from other countries knowing the rotten attitudes of some people would appear to be a short term loss for what would be a long term gain. The desire to protect America from exposure over its ruthless tactics is similar to the economic arguments against taking action against pollution. It suggests that we should condone bad behaviour for our own comfort.

If you look at the video I posted here, you can see that the world would benefit from knowing what is going on:

It can bring unwinnable wars to an end, help "us" understand why "they" hate us and bring about a change in the way we choose to relate to fellow human beings.

Nov 30, 2010, 03:32


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