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Re: wikileaks.

calapia wrote:
Honestly, I'm not interested in having a debate with you. Serious, silly, farcical, bleak, whatever.

Then don't say anything

calapia wrote:
I think that your reasoning is desperately idealistic, utopian, and unreal;

And then - despite your opening remarks - you proceed to argue (although to your credit, you don't actually make a point, just use persuasive techniques)

calapia wrote:
I don't even agree enough with the basis of your argument to feel that it's going to be anything other than name calling and bullying.

Nice work: Make a smartarse remark, get slapped down then reply with a grammatcially shoddy sentence that accuses me of bullying and name calling when I did nothing of the sort.

Honestly, you can have a meaningful discussion without dragging it into the gutter with rhetorical questions.

Dec 05, 2010, 07:21


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