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Re: wikileaks.

hito wrote:
Dara wrote:

hito wrote:
Nice work: Make a smartarse remark, get slapped down then reply with a grammatcially shoddy sentence that accuses me of bullying and name calling when I did nothing of the sort.

sorry - but...

hito wrote:
straw man that not name calling then?


Best to stay out of it rather than making ill informed remarks.

Who are you to tell anyone to stay in or out of any forum discussion? Of course now you will go on and on endlessly to try to show that you're right and everyone else is clueless, rude, and misunderstanding you. Calapia's original remark certainly did not merit your arrogant sounding "slap down" critique to him. We don't have to stick to long serious posts on this stereolab board. We can make short abbreviated comments if we so choose, silly, sarcastic, grammatically incorrect, or whatever we like.

Dec 06, 2010, 04:03


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