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Re: wikileaks.

hito wrote:

This is not the only occasion you have resorted to aggressive, insulting language and name calling.

Let me take you for a brief moment on a couple of time travelling trips in my hired time machine. It uses truth for navigation and the drive core is made from the spirit of humanity condensed into a glowing sphere of pure energy...

So you're standing on the deck of a merchant ship in a convoy in the middle of the freezing Atlantic ocean in the middle of the night and your best chance of getting home, putting your feet up and listening to the Groop on your iPod is a gay scientist working at the SECRET code breaking facility at Bletchley Park, England.

* * *

You are one of a group of Kuwaiti citizens who have just seen your friends and family fed to the lions in front of you at Kuwait zoo, and you are waiting for your turn. Your only hope of survival is your country's liberation by allied forces with a legal UN mandate - the success of which depends on the element of total SURPRISE.

* * *

The truth is that war, and the death of civilians particularly, can never be justified in moral terms. But it is a sad fact that there will always be megalomaniacs who abide by a twisted morality and inflict inhuman suffering on their fellow humans. Also unfortunately, there are others who have to take the initiative and stand up and stop them. War is a very dirty business. With no secrecy and completely open governance, millions more Jews, homosexuals, gypsies and countless other 'sub-humans' would have died and would still be dying now. The liberation of Europe from Nazi tyranny beginning on D-Day would never have happened. Slavery (and by this I mean being literally worked to death) would be an everyday experience for millions.

The video you posted is one of millions of terrible events which have occurred in the heat of battle in all wars. I have just read a book about the Somme and being blessed with a vivid creative imagination I can run many 'videos' in my head of similar tragic and sickenening events from that battle alone. It is totally na´ve to say that a completely open society would solve the problems of the world - that is the utopian view of an idealistic teenager. It is also not true that it would give us an understanding of why 'we' are hated by 'them'. The fact is we already know the reasons the west is hated so much by other cultures. If you refuse to accept that we are now facing a clash of civilisations then there is really no point in continuing to discuss this here.

Suffice it to say that over the past few years many people on this forum have elucidated very eloquently (and sometimes not so) what those reasons are - the distribution of wealth, military dominance, capitalist materialistic ideology, the freedom of the individual, equality, legal system, art and culture and so on - ad infinitum. No, we know exactly why we are not liked. The question is, do we think all these things are worth fighting for? - if not, fine.

Then we can sit back and whinge while the other systems fight it out between themselves for dominance - the global caliphate versus the post communist world order. Bring it on I say - they can't make much of a worse mess of it than we have. There are even some aspects of the nascent global Islamic state and the principles of communism which are a great improvement on western democracy. Don't expect openness and freedom of speech/information though, the western democracy Assange is attacking is the only reason he still has his head on at the moment.

Like some others here I find your attitude irksome. You are arrogant, bad mannered and supercilious. You have the image of a yobbish and opinionated immature narcissist. Resorting to name calling when people take you to task is a perfect example of this - 'precious heathers indeed'. Your opinion is valid and very welcome on here as a stimulus to free debate as is everyone else's. But remember it is just that - an opinion. To infer that people are idiots because they have not read your posts completely, or followed your opinion assiduously as THE definitive view on world politics or whatever else, or watched and commented in agreement with your comments on a stolen military intelligence filmclip - is so arrogant, it just makes you sound like a complete and utter asshole.

For what it's worth, I totally agree with what Prince Hassan of Jordan said - these leaks are insignificant - they only have power in the media if we give them power. President Ahmadinejad neutralised them brilliantly in one sentance - 'this is western propaganda designed to destroy the relations between muslim brothers'. The world community - media and politicians alike, are united in saying that this is nothing we didn't know or suspect anyway. The latest releases today detaling potential targets for terrorists in the USA are different - they actually put real lives in danger.

Assange is an arrogant, self aggrandising low standard journalist. Despite what his blindly fawning followers say, he has a lot to gain from being world famous. If no one reads what you write - you are not a journalist, or at least you are a very weak one. I think we will find out who he really is and what his motives really are in the coming years - that is if he himself, or someone else doesn't blow his head off first.

Dec 06, 2010, 07:03


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