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some thoughts on Cobra and Phases
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Re: some thoughts on Cobra and Phases

Notwithstanding the risk of attracting another shit storm from Cheeso, given his oft aired critique of it's 'brownness' etc etc...

(sorry Cheeso we know you don't like it ;o)

For me it was the soundtrack to a general fin de siecle zeitgeist at the end of the twentieth century. It has an ominous mixture of opulence and/or decadence, combined with a shared prospect of unavoidable radical change or some approaching "end."

After Dots and Loops it felt like a haunted memory of an incredible journey - a kind of wistful looking back at where have have been, what we had achieved and all the failures and sadness of the human condition. I had the impression of it being something of a cadenza in the context of the groop's canon.

It has joyous and light moments of course, but overall I find it quite a sad work. Sad in a very beautiful way though. It also coincided with a reunion with an old friend of mine from years ago and I have kind of fused it with those feelings of reunion, resolution, optimism and hope. A sort of ghostly crossroads between the thin veils of space and time.

I loved the poetry of the title. Somehow it took on a strangely personal collaged meaning for me which was something vaguely to do with:

COBRA (the UK governments military security crisis committee) - the Phases groop playing voltage bit was the sound they created, and the 'milky night' I always thought was a rather sweet reference to the disturbed nights Laetitia would have been experiencing with the then newly born Alex - but then perhaps that's what poetry is supposed to do.

It is the music of another dimension for me now. At least another century, but I still like to go there occasionally when the Inter Dimensional Council grants me a license to travel...

Dec 31, 2010, 02:17