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some thoughts on Cobra and Phases
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Re: some thoughts on Cobra and Phases

matthew6 wrote:
it was a difficult album for me to get into. The albums made before and after this one were instantly accessible for me. However I was put off by much of Cobra and Phases at first. The melodies and musical ideas took awhile to sink in. But slowly and surely they did. A very unique and complex album. From Dots and Loops to Cobra to Sound Dust - what a mindblowing run of albums.

Cobra was the second of the groop's albums I had been eagerly anticipating. I remember getting the Free Design single when it came out, and the girl at the counter in the record store said she had listened to the full LP (before the release)....I was so envious, and bombarded her with questions as to what direction the album was headed. I was assured it was sounding great, which made me even more anxious to hear it :D

When I finally got my hands on a copy a couple of weeks later I was blown away, especially by "Puncture In The Radax Permutation"....I recall putting the needle back to listen to that song again a couple of times on my very first listen, and it remains one of my favourite 'lab tracks to this day :)

Jan 03, 2011, 02:27