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mellow Broadcast
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Re: CP

Cheeso wrote:
Have you given Inside Out a full listen? Its pretty damn great.

Yes I have. I like some elements in their new stuff, and some whole songs are great. But usually it leaves me feeling like they're taking their earlier sound and dismantling it through some kind of machine underwater. Adding a drum or bass beat to it doesn't really keep it cohesive enough for me, just sounds like a bunch of collage snippets put together. It flows in it's own way, but not enjoyable for me to listen to.

A lot of it's creepy, and I think that's intentional. It would make good soundtrack music for a paranormal thriller.

The old Broadcast combined elements of pop with a dissonant edge in the electronic component that was a really interesting contrast with Trish's voice. Now that edge has turned into a stream of Trish's consciousness. And her voice is buried most of the time.

Jan 04, 2011, 04:47


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