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Re: CP

Cheeso wrote:
But do you think bands should just be stagnant and formulaic? Don't you think they should challenge themselves and their listeners and try to broaden the horizons of both?

I think they know they are capable of creating finely-crafted pop songs. Exploring sound, defying traditional song structure, experimenting, are all things that I think will ultimately give them a fuller, more developed sound...I expect their next album will be an evolutionary step, much like Ha Ha Sound was.

Of course they shouldn't be stagnant and formulaic, they never were. And you may be right about the new direction, as Trish talks about it in the interview. Might be a melding of pop plus found sounds. She says she thinks people (like me) will be happy with the new album, as well as people into the witch cults experimentation.

Here it here: Starts at 26:40

Jan 04, 2011, 05:23


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