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mellow Broadcast
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Re: mellow Broadcast

Mars Rover wrote:
vivakomeda wrote:
Disagree - that's what Broadcast is at this point. Saw em live last month and came away with this "there's no going back" feeling. They have gone from major pop band to abstract art project. A good art project, sure.

FWIW, to be fair(er) to House, I am not a fan of Tender Buttons either (two big exceptions: Corporeal and Tears in the Typing Pool). Clearly Keenan, and I guess Cargill, have taken the band down a certain path for a reason.

well, can't please'm all. i enjoyed the last one, and Tender Buttons is actually my favorite album of theirs.

Cheers to taste *clink*

I didn't like Tender Buttons at first. In fact, I gave it away. lol But, it grows on you. (rebought it for Christmas) :)

Jan 04, 2011, 19:23


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