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mellow Broadcast
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Mars Rover
Mars Rover
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Re: mellow Broadcast

vivakomeda wrote:
A minute of that was great. 60+ was not.

Have you seen them since the TB tour? Ie since they've started performing as a twosome?

no, i haven't. saw some clips online. idk, i enjoy that kind of stuff, its different, eeerie and poetic in its own way. i don't expect them to be doing that ever again though. from their history, they don't stay stagnant. their next album will be different than the focus group side project, don't worry. i'm perfectly fine with them taking little artistic vacations here and there to experiment, in fact i'd be disappointed if they didn't. if they did the witch cults thing from now until eternity, yeah i'd be like WTF? where's the beef? but they won't. so it's totally cool to me what they are doing and what they will do. i'm looking forward to the next album, i'm sure it'll surprise some people.

Jan 05, 2011, 01:11


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