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mellow Broadcast
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Re: Inside out

Hobobachang wrote:

Good, isn't it? I am happy with whatever Broadcast do next, as I enjoy both "versions" very much.

Having said that though, I do hope they go back to a full band sound for the next album, and hopefully with a tour as a four or five peice afterwards. I think if they combined the far-outness of the recent releases with more people onstage it would be really great :D

I think that is a good attitude to have. It is fine to have wishes about Broadcast but they seem pretty determined with their ideas and direction.
Much of what has been said here in this thread is somewhat negated by that XLR8R interview with Cargill. He is clearly involved in the creative process and undeterred by those who don't like it.
I think the fact that they are still evolving is a strength. If they don't always hit the heights we expect then that is a small price to pay in my opinion.
Listening to stuff on the Ghost Box label and some of the music on the Lunar Atrium site gives me a sense that Broadcast may incorporate more melodic electronic music at some stage. The Focus Group tends to be more short pieces that donít necessarily build a rhythm but acts like Belbury Poly certainly combine the experimentation with the melody. It might be interesting to see Broadcast team up with them.
In the end, it is good to know that we are still waiting to see what will happen with a band that formed long ago. I think Stereolab could take a leaf out of Broadcastís book; they are making some good songs but it is quite predictable these days.

Jan 08, 2011, 23:15


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