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Trish Keenan Tributes
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Mars Rover
Mars Rover
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Re: Trish Keenan Tributes

moonduck wrote:
Mars Rover wrote:
moonduck wrote:
Mars Rover wrote:
cyberpainter wrote:
Live video from 2003. Notice the film behind which says hallucinogens and LSD at one point... Nice mellow jam at the end. I love this song so much.

thats a great song. one of the things i loved about them was their willingness to embrace psychedelics as an influence. it was obvious in their music, but i'm glad they never tried to hide it or be p.c. it was refreshing. of course they were about much much more than that.

It was refreshing in the way they conveyed the sound of the 60s.

to paraphrase zeke from rym, broadcast was more 60's psych than ACTUAL 60's psych.

I liked Broadcast’s here and now cleaner and clearer “vision of the 60s” psych better. Trish and James made this sound their own unique creation.

same here, i liked this quote from the andy votel tribute:

"The fact that they were probably the ONLY band I've ever known to sound even better than their vintage influences is maybe something I should have told her, but she was never digging for compliments."

Jan 17, 2011, 23:34


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