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Hypocrisy will eventually come unstuck
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Cut the namedropping.
Cut the "Trish died so I am immune"

In July, velvetwater suggested moderation and you and your mates attacked him. velevetwater was personally hammered by a stream of aggression. You did not offer any defence when velvetwater was being abused, in fact you offered support to those who attacked velvetwater. You agreed with devastatorjr that anyone offended by a message could just look away. Given what was said, that would have to include sexism, racism, verbal abuse, anything. You did not qualify.

Less than two months later, someone makes a sexual remark about someone not even using a forum (and she was not dead at this stage) and you contact "pikey" to have it removed.

This is a double standard.

Apologise to velvetwater.

Jan 18, 2011, 22:16


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