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Hypocrisy will eventually come unstuck
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Re: Apologise

No need to apologize to me: it would not change what I thought at the time and what I think now.
These behaviors will inevitably manifest themselves until there is a platform that allows it. And it is pointless to talk about anything the moment words become fists: then just meet in a field and indulge yourselves, why wasting your time writing!?
Plus, like I said in another post, I would add as follows:

This forum (and probably most of the others) is a great example of the inconsistency and of the hypocrisy of humans.
Why is it that the people who always get mad at the ones who criticize their thoughts are the same ones who are intolerant towards what the above ones think?
I have stopped "discussing" a long time ago. There is no point in doing that because it immediately becomes an argument.
I only comment on music related issues (and that means the actual notes, chords, arrangements and performances).
I wouldn't dare getting into a subject like Polanski ever again.
I may pay tribute to Trish but I would never indulge in a debate about her, especially now.
Everyone can do what they like, but I think that arguing about a recently dead person (friend, relative or celebrity, it doesn't make any difference) is disrespectful.
Please forgive me if for once I am not talking about music but I can't believe how absurd all this is.

Jan 19, 2011, 01:09


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