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Hypocrisy will eventually come unstuck
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Re: bitching

Dara wrote:
flatironsteak wrote:
If people truly don't give a shit. Then why are all the replies?
It is entertaining Hito, keep it up.

This is all so depressingly familiar. Whatever anyone thinks about the rights and wrongs of mourning people we have never met, or mass hysteria or forum moderation or whatever, the fact is, people who care about music are genuinely upset about the loss of Trish Keenan.

This and the Broadcast forum are fitting places to pay some kind of personal tribute, and I really think that language such as 'She wasn't dead then' is disrespectful however you look at it. For goodness sake this is a discussion board about MUSIC - it's not a court of law or the United Nations.

There have been times when Martin has considered whether or not it is worth continuing to host this forum due to the sometimes dreadful bitching that has occurred - and uderstandably so. He summed it up perfectly with the post below from a long time ago, when new visitors come to this forum it is not good that the first thing they read is some petty bickering about absolutely nothing:

martin wrote:

Hi Cheeso.

Thought I'd deleted all of them but that 114 thread has gone as well. I'm just fed up with this xxx/xxxxx/xx thing being dragged back to the Stereolab site. If everyone wants to bicker and attack each other then it should be done privately.

It annoys me that first time Stereolab fans come by the site and have to wade through all of this bitching.

If there are any other posts that I need to delete then let me know. I'm more than happy for you to share this message with the others.


I don't know if you are disagreeing with me or not. However, by saying thing like 'who gives a crap' you are falling into his trap if you are already against his opinion, another brick to the wall to elevate his point.

By entertaining I mean he is certainly making a fool of himself here asking for justice. It would be more entertaining if actually got no reply from what he said.

I am not taking a side. I just find it funny to see how easily people contradict themselves. Oh yea that might make me a condescending prick according to some.

Jan 19, 2011, 03:12


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