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Hypocrisy will eventually come unstuck
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Re: Hypocrisy will eventually come unstuck

cyberpainter wrote:
I'll say something, I'm fed up with you using me as a volleyball with that bullying cheeso. Get off my back!!

I am not on your back. I did not bring it up again. It was the person who was once your friend, Rael.

Even this thread has only 3 or 4 contributions from me. It was not me who kept it alive.

I am pleased that you can now acknowledge his/her behaviour. It is the first time I have seen you go against Rael.

I am also pleased that by your silence or obfuscation that you acknowledge that there are times when moderation is not a bad idea, that velvetwater was treated too harshly by the regulars and that hopefully nobody will have to go through something similar in future.

I am pleased that you don't want to continue this battle as I just recently extended an olive branch to you. Instead you snapped back at me despite the fact that you were very aggressive towards me when I started on this new forum. You even went so far as to start a thread about being nice that included an attack on me in its preamble. I have asked you not to do that in the past but still, you did it again.

Nonetheless, I am willing to wipe the slate clean. I am not going to respond to your opening barb and ruin your niceness thread. I am going to treat all interactions with you the same as I would from Gary and Wracket i.e. as good natured in spirit.


May 17, 2011, 12:17


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