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just silence for now.
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Re: just silence for now.

hito wrote:
Well, it is sad.

I think the tributes in many ways are nice and help people cope but eventually we return to reality.

The fact is, that many people were pretty tough on Broadcast over the last year and that needs to be acknowledged in the tributes. I don't think people can whitewash her life or one's attitude to her after she dies. Although I am sad to see someone so vital and inspired die, I am happy with what she created for people to hear. I am also happy that I practised what I preached about her and don't have to regret that I said Broadcast was boring. I am pleased that funerals these days are not obsequious and dishonest and people are able to say what they like and dislike about the deceased. I think people should be comfortable saying whatever they like about Trish but honesty is the best option eventually.

It is perhaps a vital time to remember those lessons we always do when someone dies. Value what we have while it is there. Don't wait until someone dies to appreciate them.

I have a pretty existential attitude to life and so I know that Trish's life was what it was. It wasn't too short, it was just the life she lived. I love the life she lived and listen to her music as much as I ever did.

I can understand you not wanting to listen but that will change. Many of us miss Mary but we still love Sound Dust. She was not your friend or wife or sister, she was music. We need to be careful that we don't get all People's Princess and value a celebrity more than out own mothers.

All the best, Mitchervan

What a great write-up. It pretty much summarizes what I've been feeling about this issue.

Jan 18, 2011, 14:19


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