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just silence for now.
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Re: just silence for now.

k. wrote:
hito wrote:
We need to be careful that we don't get all People's Princess and value a celebrity more than out own mothers.

I'm not sure that people are reacting like the masses did about Lady Di or Michael Jackson. But it's worth venturing that most here who have been affected by the loss of Trish weren't as affected by the loss of those two, and there is a void of a mass-culture mass-media reinforcement of her loss. So maybe we haven't had too much experience with the death of an artist or celebrity who we actually care about.

It's very condescending of you to try to cast the relativity of the reaction to a loss, and to assume that people aren't in the here-now and don't care about the people who are in their day-to-day lives. I went to a funeral yesterday, father of a friend passed. People from every station die every day, yes, but it doesn't mean that we are not allowed to mourn people who we've never met, and that if we do, we are somehow subtracting from the mourning (the celebrating) of those who are nearer to us on a day-to-day basis.

I think it is condescending to suggest we are not reacting "like" the masses. The fact is that nobody here knew Trish so she is a celebrity (I don't count meeting someone at their gig and finding them pleasant as knowing them or geting an email) She meant more to us than we did to her. Martin and James are not my friends so I am not going to send them a card or wish them well. They have never uttered a word to me. People here do the tributes for themselves and other forum members. So anything we do is just like the MJ vigil people or Lady Di flower buyers. It is for us.

I also feel her death is everywhere in the media I consume.

I am not suggesting that you don't care about your family and am sorry to hear about your loss. I said "We need to be careful that we don't ...value a celebrity more than out own mothers." not that we are not valuing our mothers. It is advice, that is all.

In the end, my post is what I have been thinking about. And that goes for you too, cyberpainter. I think about the fact that people said they were boring on their last tour. I contrast that with the praise they get now. I know people may have liked them overall and they have every right to dislike their later music. I just find that pattern interesting, not just with Trish but so many deaths. And I find it sad that people resolve to be better and eventually slip back into old habits of taking things for granted. I would like to think that I am consistent and that if Tim died I would not say I loved their later output or that contemporary music has lost a great current contributor. If Rael_ died, I would still say he was rude ;P. I like to think I am consistent but maybe I am not.

I thought about this, and that is what I wanted to talk about. I have not said anything up until this thread and so I probably had a lot to say. And I have a right to say it and you have a right to disagree.


Jan 18, 2011, 22:46


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