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just silence for now.
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Re: just silence for now.

vivakomeda wrote:
Everything in life is an example of the inconsistency of humans. Because humans are inconsistent.

If this hasn't occurred to you before today, you need to leave the house more often.

I know this very well and that's why I stay indoors if I can.
I've only said that this forum is a great example of that inconsistency, I didn't say that I have discovered that humans are inconsistent thanks to this forum.
Again, another demonstration of the lack of effort in understanding the other or, at least, of the fickleness of words.
But I have to stop now, otherwise I will again fall into the trap of discussing: I don't want to be inconsistent, even though, being human, sometimes inevitably I am myself!

Jan 19, 2011, 01:24


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