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just silence for now.
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Re: just silence for now.

Mars Rover wrote:
hito wrote:
Mars Rover wrote:
hito wrote:
I think about the fact that people said they were boring on their last tour. I contrast that with the praise they get now.

do you realize that the people that were not too into the last album (not me, i loved it) are looking at their entire body of work and reflecting on the joy Broadcast provided over a decade?

Or is this too far over your head? Who are you to set the rules for how we are supposed to respond?

hito wrote:
I know people may have liked them overall and they have every right to dislike their later music.

hito wrote:
I thought about this, and that is what I wanted to talk about. I have not said anything up until this thread and so I probably had a lot to say. And I have a right to say it and you have a right to disagree.

Try reading first, unless that is too far over your head ;P

no shit, i was responding to that one line, thats why i quoted IT. do you get paid to sit here and overanalyse everything that is posted on this forum?

So you knew I said that people may have liked them overall and had every right to dislike their later music but still asked me whether I realised people were looking at their entire body of work?

And you knew that I said you have a right to disagree but still asked me why I was trying to set rules?

From where I stand, both of your questions were pointless as I had already answered them.

On the other hand, if you were indeed only responding to that one line (although you appear to have posted two), I hope you understand that you missed out on vital information by focusing on two sentences instead of the entire post. My response encouraged you to read the entire message so that you would not ask questions of me that I had already answered. You follow?
Furthermore, if you understand that you should have read the whole post, a more appropriate response might have been "Yes, I should have read that" as "no shit" (besides being coarse) suggests that you knew that you had made a mistake at the time of typing your questions but chose to do it anyway.

There is no need to attack me personally for responding to a point you made. I have made no attacks on you, I have not suggested that you get paid to use this forum. If we disagree on something, fine. I have not had any problems of note with you in the past so I would prefer that you did use this forum as an opportunity to abuse me.

Jan 20, 2011, 13:54


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