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just silence for now.
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Squirrel M. Nutter
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Re: just silence for now.

hito wrote:
Cheeso wrote:
hito wrote:
Martin and James are not my friends so I am not going to send them a card or wish them well. They have never uttered a word to me.

Many people here have met Martin, and have had many discussions with him on and off-line. Maybe not the point to where you could call him a friend, but enough to establish a connection, not least of all over common interests. Sending him a card or wishing him well is a show of respect and empathy, and cordiality, at least, and there is nothing wrong with it. It is not something to belittle as you are trying to do, for no other reason than you being a petty, immature, self-righteous twat that no one here likes.

You know, Rael_, I don't usually bother responding to you because I honestly don't know what to say. I will admit that I am stumped by verbal abuse as I just don't get into it. I don't think it adds anything to the development of ideas and is an ineffective method of persuasion. I don't know how many times you have used swear words against a point that I have made but I honestly think it just makes you look bad. I think it is just like violence. You can punch someone in the face down at the pub but it doesn't mean you know more than them. I hope you learn some new coping strategies as this name calling is just a little tired.

I was tempted to respond to the point you made in the first half of your post but I know what you will do if you don't like what I say. I have seen it with Dara where I have tried to genuinely engage with points he made and empathise but he just spewed forth a torrent of abuse. I won't even bother with you because you just seem to display some real anger*. We didn't do too badly back in the Polanski thread but you seem to be caught up in a pattern now. I think one of the more unfortunate aspects of your behaviour is that your friends condone and encourage the aggression and I would say they even use you as their attack dog when they have run out of ideas. Most people seem afraid to confront you (with notable exceptions) so you keep it up.

So this is your response, I doubt I will bother again but this should do for all of the times I didn't bother.

*note how even here I don't say that you are angry but just that you display anger. I don't think people are things (bastards, hypocrites, happy), they just demonstrate certain behaviours. I am sure that whoever you are, Rael_, is more complex than just one word or a label. Consider that next time you want to call someone a prick or twat.

Good night

P.S. I sadly think I can guess your response to this but perhaps by adding the P.S, you won't do it.

And your total avoidance of the point, and sole focus on attacking me, just makes you look bad.

Jan 20, 2011, 16:34


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