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just silence for now.
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Re: just silence for now.

Cheeso wrote:
hito wrote:
Well, okay. If you are going to be civil, I will address your point/s. I am busy for the next couple of days but stay tuned...

It's too late now. You've shown your true colors.

And what would they be?

I think it is a bit rich for someone who has told me to go fuck myself to act indignant when I am reluctant to engage in a discussion. Moreover, I did not attack you as you claim. I think that other than your uncritical friends, most people would say it was a fair and balanced expose of your bullying tactics and an appeal to you to find the better aspects of yourself rather than simply using profanity. It is interesting that like cyberpainter, when your bullying has been exposed through your own words and actions, you act like a victim and claim to be hard done by. Nothing that I said about you has been challenged by you or anyone else for that matter. Again, the parallels with cyberpainter are unsurprising. The only options available to both of you is to attack me and claim to be a victim.

So regardless of your claim that it is too late, let's have a look at what you said:

Cheeso wrote:

Many people here have met Martin, and have had many discussions with him on and off-line. Maybe not the point to where you could call him a friend, but enough to establish a connection, not least of all over common interests. Sending him a card or wishing him well is a show of respect and empathy, and cordiality, at least, and there is nothing wrong with it. It is not something to belittle as you are trying to do,

I should start by saying that we do not disagree that these people are not our friends. Although you would claim to have some contact with them, it is not friendship. You may see them at a gig, you may have sent them an email and they replied, they may have commented on a thread on this forum. This is similar to a person who met Lady Di as she visited a hospital, spoke to Michael Jackson at a parade or any other celebrity contact. I am sure to you and cyberpainter, these kind of things are important and you value your time with Martin Pike. But I am pretty sure you don't go to dinner with him, I am pretty sure Laetitia Sadier does not call you up to see what has been happening, I am pretty sure Tim Gane doesn't start threads on this forum hoping to elicit information about you and I am pretty sure James Cargill does not expect anything of you. In that way, it is a mainly one way relationship and that was the point I was making.

I originally responded to Mitchervan (sorry your thread has been overrun, Mitchervan) with my thoughts on his current dilemma. He seemed pretty down so I wanted to offer advice by saying the way that I see it. I wanted to tell him that her death was important but the pain will pass and to use her death to remind you of the things you value, among other things. Of course, I had my own thoughts that came out there as I had not written about her death prior to that post. I know I presented my views in a forthright manner and that some things that I said did hurt others but at no time was I saying people have to think what I do. I agree with k in that I cannot tell people how to mourn.

In that way - just like a fan of Michael Jackson - you can send Martin Pike a card, write a poem, do whatever. I have no concerns about your personal choices. My point was simply that mourning the death of a celebrity is the same here as it was outside Neverland Ranch. My point was also that I won't be writing to those people because they are not my friends. It is my choice not to write to Martin Pike because we don't have a relationship.

So I don't disagree with most of what you said in that post

Jan 21, 2011, 20:42


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