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just silence for now.
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Re: just silence for now.

cyberpainter wrote:
hito wrote:

The only options available to both of you is to attack me and claim to be a victim.

Right, because obviously, going back and researching threads from July in order to label me as a hypocrite... That's not at all baiting, is it?

We were all focusing on memorials for Trish, and you put a lot of effort into bringing the attention back to yourself.

Takes all kinds on a forum.

Indeed it does.

Try this on for logic:

Despite repeatedly making cyberpainter look foolish in front of her friends when she attacks him, Hito goes to the broadcast forum and looks for evidence of cyberpainter's hypocrisy.
After an exhaustive search, he fabricates a thread where Cyberpainter, a previously staunch opponent of any moderation on the grounds that people can simply look away, calls for moderation.
In his excitement he rushes back to the stereolab forum and publishes the fake quote despite an official "Trish memorials only" policy.


Hito goes looking on the Broadcast forum
He sees a thread about two of his favourite acts (Prefuse 73 and Trish Keenan) and has a look.
In it gregoreverb talks about martin pike being critical of node
Hito searches for "pike" and "Flagging/deleting threads" comes up
In it Cyberpainter, a previously staunch opponent of any moderation on the grounds that people can simply look away, calls for moderation.
Hito remembers cyberpainter giving velvetwater a hard time about moderation so posts cyberpainter’s own words for all to see.
Stung by the exposition of her hypocrisy, cyberpainter claims the right to a double standard for celebrities.
Realising the obvious weakness of this argument, cyberpainter raised the death of Trish Keenan in hope of deflecting attention from the original argument. When this is exposed, cyberpainter blames Hito for bringing Keenan’s death into the argument.
Cyberpainter, and her friends attack Hito, never able to actually deal with the hypocrisy mentioned.
As these attempts to simply attack Hito fail, Cyberpainter creates a narcissistic scenario in which “creepy” Hito is stalking her.

-you were hypocritical when you claimed that moderation was unnecessary whilst calling for moderation. You should just admit it and bring this to an end.
-you brought Trish Keenan’s death up as a strategy to deflect attention from yourself. You continue to do it. It is you who should feel bad for shamelessly exploiting a tragedy for your own ends.
- you continue to use common bullying strategies including: ganging up with others, condoning bullying through silence or supportive remarks, claiming to be a victim, name calling, claiming to be everyone’s friend, using inclusive language to exclude others, using the names of “authority” figures to claim some kind of authority yourself (you continue to claim that Martin Pike is your friend to intimidate people or bignote yourself. If he is your friend, why do you start threads asking Martin a question? Just email him or ask him next time he comes over to dinner). Please stop it.
- I have proven that I was not researching you so you should apologise for the ridiculous insinuation.

Jan 24, 2011, 11:40


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