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Zola Jesus
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Zola Jesus

anyone into this Siouxsie-esque songstress?

I had to drive my car around a bit this evening in order to keep it running in the insanely fridig temperatures. destinantion was unknown. I ended up at my favorite local record store. it was delightfully empty (usually packed). I couldn't find anything that struck my interest so I decided to check out Zola Jesus' "Stridulum" EP as I quite liked her song "Night" and the cover art was striking. I must say that I'm quite impressed. I've heard her compared to Kate Bush as well. I don't get that so much; perhaps in weirdness levels. it's also been coined as goth which I get, but the music seems a bit elevated to be labeled as such.

I think I need to hear everything she's done now.

Jan 21, 2011, 02:11