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Classic bands/artists you've seen, and those you've missed...
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Re: Not classic

Cheeso wrote:
Sorry folks, the following bands just don't qualify:
MC Hammer
Tiger Lillies
Smashing Pumpkins
X (Yes, I have to revise even my own list)

An band/artist who transcends their genre and/or has longevity, is iconic and/or massively influential...

Come one, Ministry are amazing. They were influential. They basically kicked that Industrial rock thing into the public eye.

It's not for everyone but for many people I know who were into music in the nineties, Ministry is a classic band. You could tell them they were wrong but it meets your criteria in their ears and they would say they are so...they are.

And, even though I don't like them, Smashing Pumpkins were certainly iconic 90's "alternative" rock band. I would say Soundgarden too represent that grunge rock that became stadium rock.

If you are going to count questionable acts like the cars, tom petty etc, then other people can choose their own classics.

Feb 20, 2011, 05:19


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